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Vibha Bansal
Vibha Bansal

Vibha Bansal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
NEC-103F, Department of Chemistry, UPR-Cayey Phone: 787-738-2161 ext. 3376 (O), 3326 (L) E-mail:



  • B.Sc. (Biochemistry Honours) 1998. Panjab University, Chandigarh, India
  • M.Sc. (Biochemistry Honours) 2000. Panjab University, Chandigarh, India
  • Ph.D. (Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology) 2006. Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
  • Post Doctoral associate. 2005-2007. Dept. of Chemistry, UPR-Humacao, Puerto Rico.

Honors and Awards:

  • Highest cumulative GPA in Ph.D. in IIT Delhi (2001).
  • SIDA research fellowship for research visit to Lund University, Sweden in 2004.
  • National Research Fellowship from CSIR (NET 2000). Ranked among top 25 % qualifiers.
  • University Topper with distinction in M.Sc. (2000). Awarded University Gold Medal and Dr. Ramji Narain Om-Vati Gold Medal.
  • National Merit Scholarship (1998-2000).
  • University Topper in B.Sc. (1998). Awarded University Gold Medal and Dr. Ramji Narain Om-Vati Gold Medal.
  • Australian Shanti Niwas Merit Scholarship (1994-95).

Professional Affiliations:

American Chemical Society


  • General Biochemistry (Quim 4065)
  • General Biochemistry Laboratory (Quim 4066)
  • General Chemistry-I Laboratory (Quim 3133)
  • General Chemistry-II Laboratory (Quim 3134)
  • Undergraduate Research (Quim 4999)

Research Focus:

  • Developing tools for bioseparation of therapeutic proteins
  • Engineering fibrin specific plasminogen activators
  • Kinetic profiling of enzyme activity of protein therapeutics


  1.  Bansal V, Kumar A, Roychoudhury PK, Mattiasson B. 2006. Recovery of urokinase from integrated mammalian cell culture cryogel bioreactor and purification of the enzyme using p-aminobenzamidine affinity chromatography. J Mol Recog 19 (4): 332-339.
  2. Bansal V, Roychoudhury PK. 2006. Production and purification of urokinase: A comprehensive review. Protein Express Purif 45: 1-14.
  3. Kumar A, Bansal V, Andersson J, Roychoudhury PK, Mattiasson B. 2006. Supermacroporous cryogel matrix for integrated protein isolation: IMAC purification of urokinase from cell culture broth of human kidney cell line. J Chromatogr A 1103: 35-42.
  4. Kumar A, Bansal V, Nandakumar KS, Galaev IY, Roychoudhury PK, Holmdahl R, Mattiasson B. 2006. Integrated bioprocess for the production and isolation of urokinase from animal cell culture using supermacroporous cryogel matrices. Biotechnol Bioeng 93 (4): 636-646.
  5. Castillo J, Bansal V, Ganesan A, Halling P, Secundo F, Ferrer A, Griebenow K, Barletta G. 2006. On the activity loss of hydrolases in organic solvents: II. A mechanistic study of subtilisin Carlsberg. BMC Biotechnol 6: 51-63.
  6. Bansal V, Roychoudhury PK, Kumar A. 2007. Urokinase separation from cell culture broth of a human kidney cell line. Int J Biol Sci 3 (1): 64-70.
  7. Bansal V, Delgado Y, Fasoli E, Ferrer A, Griebenow K, Secundo F, Barletta G. 2010. Effect of prolonged exposure to organic solvents on the active site environment of subtilisin Carlsberg. J Mol Catal B: Enzymatic 64: 38-44.
  8. Zha X-Q, Pan L-H, Luo J-P, Wang J-H, Wei P, Bansal V. 2012. Enzymatic fingerprints of polysaccharides of Dendrobium officinale and their application in identification of Dendrobium species. J Nat Med. DOI: 10.1007/s11418-011-0620-0Online First™.
  9. Bansal V, Delgado Y, Legault, M, Barletta G. 2012. Low enzyme operational stability in dry organic solvents:changing environment of the active site. Molecules 17(2): 1870-1882.
  10. Fasoli E, Ruiz Reyes Y, Martinez Guzman O, Rosado A, Rodriguez Cruz V, Borges A, Martinez E, Bansal V. 2013. Para-aminobenzamidine linked regenerated cellulose membranes for plasminogen activator purification: Effect of spacer arm length and ligand density. J Chromatogr B 930(1): 13-21.
  11. Zha X, Diaz R, Franco JJR, Sanchez VF, Fasoli E, Barletta G, Carvajal A, Bansal V. 2013. Inhibitors of urokinase type plasminogen activator and cytostatic activity from crude plants extracts. Molecules 18(8): 8945-8958.

Research Grants:


1. IDEA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (Grant Number P20 RR016470; 2009-2014), NIH: Screening of different sources of plasminogen activators, their inhibitors and development of new techniques for isolation of plasminogen activators. Total amount: USD 623,183.

2. EPSCoR- Institute for Functional Nanomaterials (2011-2013), NSF: Nanomagnetic affinity adsorbents for isolation of plasminogen activators.Total amount: USD 200,000.

3. FIDI, UPR-Cayey (2013-14):  Understanding the effect of ligand density and pore size on protein binding capacity of affinity membranes. Total amount: USD 9,000.


1. FIDI, UPR-Cayey (2011):  Developing new techniques based on affinity interactions for the purification of plasminogen activators.  Total amount: USD 8,000  

2. FIDI, UPR-Cayey (2007-2008): Effect of glycosylation and development of affinity filtration system. Total amount: USD 10,000.  


Research Group:

Technicians: Ms. Natalia Espada, Ms. Alexandra Rosado

Students: Jose Javier Rosado, Veronica Forbes, Karina Nieves, Osvaldo Vega, Abimael Santos, Christian Baez, Anaeli Shockey, Danilo T Perez, Delaine Zayasbazan, John Munoz, Delmaliz Barreto.