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Claudia Andrea Ospina Millán
Claudia Andrea Ospina Millán

 Claudia Andrea Ospina Millán, Ph.D.

Phone: 787-7382161 x 3375, 3033
Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey
Ave. Antonio R. Barceló 205, Cayey, Puerto Rico 00736



  • Universidad del Valle, Cali-Colombia
    B.Ed. 1996 Education in Biology and Chemistry

  • University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
    Ph.D. 2005 Organic Chemistry, Natural Products

Honors and Awards

1996 Graduation with Honors: Education in Biology & Chemistry, University of Valle, Cali, Colombia, December 6, 1996

2004-2005 Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement Fellowship (RISE)

Professional Affiliations:

American Chemical Society


  • Química Organica I (QUIM 3121)

  • Química Organica II (QUIM 3122)

  • Laboratorio de Química Orgánica I (QUIM 3123)

  • Laboratorio de Química Orgánica II (QUIM 3124)

  • Compendio de Química Orgánica (QUIM 3015)

  • Investigación Subgraduada II (QUIM 4999)

Research Focus

In recent years the study of plants has been the subject of renewed interest as a source of obtaining natural products with medicinal value. This study aims at the development and implementation of bioassays for search of anticancer activity in extracts of tropical plants in Puerto Rico. For this purpose, was chosen as a strategy for primary cytotoxicity evaluation, the brine shrimp lethality bioassay mortality (Artemia salina). This bioassay is a standardized method for finding biologically active extracts that is recognized by the National Cancer Institute. This work will allow the investigation of the anticancer activity of the active constituents of native and endemic plants of Puerto Rico.

a. Area: Organic Chemistry (Natural Products Chemistry)


Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Ospina, C. A.; Rodríguez, A. D.; Ortega-Barria, E.; Capson, T, L. "Briarellins J-P and Polyanthellin A: New Eunicellin-Based Diterpenes from the Gorgonian Coral Briareum polyanthes and Their Antimalarial Activity" J. Nat. Prod. 2003, 66, 357-363.

  2. Eaton.; M. J.; Ospina, C. A.; Rodríguez, A. D.; Eterovic, V. A. ''Differential Inhibition of Nicotine- and Acetylcholine-Evoked Currents through 42 Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors by Tobacco Cembranoids in Xenopus oocytes" Neuroscience Letters. 2004, 366, 97-102.

  3. Ospina, C. A.; Rodríguez, A. D.; Sánchez, J. A.; Ortega-Barria, E.; Capson, T. L.; Mayer, A. M. S. "Caucanolides A-F, Unusual Antiplasmodial Constituents from a Colombia Collection of the Gorgonian Coral Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata" J. Nat. Prod. 2005, 68, 1519-1526.

  4. Marrero, J.; Ospina , C. A.; Rodríguez, A. D.; Baran, P.; Zhao, H.; Franzblau, S. G.; Ortega-Barria, E. "New Diterpenes of the Pseudopterane Class from Two Closely Related Pseudopterogorgia Species: Isolation, Structural Elucidation, and Biological Evaluation" Tetrahedron 2006, 62, 6998-7008.

  5. Ospina, C. A.; Rodríguez, A. D. "Bioactive Compounds from the Gorgonian Briareum polyanthes. Correction of the Structures of Four Asbestinane-Type Diterpenes" J. Nat. Prod. 2006, 69, 1721-1727.

  6. Ospina , C. A.; Rodríguez, A. D.; Zhao, H.; Raptis, R. G. “Bipinnapterolide B, A Bioactive Oxapolycyclic Diterpene from the Colombian Gorgonian Coral Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata” Tetrahedron Lett. 2007, 48, 7520-7523.

  7. Ospina, C.A.; Rodríguez, A.D. “Corallolides A and B: Bioactive Diterpenes Featuring a Novel Carbon Skeleton” Org. Lett. 2009, 11, 3786-3789.

Institutional Publications:
Ospina, C. A.; Pagán, M.; Carvajal, A.; Claudio, K; Rivera, J.; Ortiz, I.; Hernández, J. In “Cytotoxic Screening of Tropical Plants Using Brine Shrimp Lethality Test”.; Montes, E. L.; Eds.; Cuadernos de Investigación Number 7; Instituto de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias: Cayey, 2009; 1-20.


Approved Support

1.. Seed Project: “Cytotoxic Screening of Tropical Plants Using Brine Shrimp Lethality Test” This project aims at the development and implementation of bioassays for search of active metabolites with cytotoxic activity in extracts of tropical plants in Puerto Rico.
Financial Support: Instituto de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias – UPR-Cayey
Role: PI
Status: Completed (January 2008-June 2009)
Quantity: $13,000.00

2. Seed Project:
“Chemical Analysis of the Endemic Plant Simarouba Tulae” This project aims at the isolation, purification and anticancer evaluation of secondary metabolites of this endemic plant.
Financial Support: Dean of Academic Affairs. UPR-Cayey
Role: PI
Status: Completed (January 2009-June 2009)
Quantity: $8,000.00

Undergraduate Programs:


Pending Support

“Bioguided Isolation of Anti-Breast Cancer Constituents of the Puertorican Endemic Plant Simarouba tulae”

Role: PI
Financial Support: NIH
Status: Pending (April 2010-March 2013)
Quantity: $300,000.00