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Valores Programa TOAP
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Promoting learning, in order to help us discover the importance of acquiring knowledge through studies and reflections of daily experiences.

Developing character, which implies making firm decisions and having a strong desire to meet our objectives, the cultivation of good habits, positive attitudes toward work and the effort to dominate our impulses.

Encouraging leaders to participate in every kind of projects, distinguished for having initiative and being an enterprising person, and the ability of knowing and transmitting their thoughts to their teammates.

Developing communication to ensure and maintain good relationships in all the areas of our lives, particularly family, work and with people closest to us to facilitate the coexistence and harmony in any place.

A committed person that fulfills their obligations making more than expected.

Honesty as a way of life, evidenced throughout behavior consistency on a daily basis.

Developing a person capable to choose between right or wrong and to proceed according to their conscience in full exercise of its freedom.