The Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP) is poised to raise the bar for preparation of educators in our nation. CAEP will serve as a model accreditor with rigorous standards, demanding sound evidence and establishing a platform to drive continuous improvement and innovation. As its first initiative to achieve those goals, the CAEP Board of Directors created the CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting and charged it with transforming the preparation of teachers by creating a rigorous system of accreditation that demands excellence and produces educators who raise student achievement.

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Accreditation visit 2017 CAEP (new)

Title II Complete Report Card (2014)

Title II Report 2015_Traditional

Title II Report 2014


Student Surveys

Diversity Tracking System (2022)

Report Card Survey 2022 (clave de matriculación-caep)

Report Card Survey 2021(clave de matriculación- caep)

Diversity Tracking System (2021)

Diversity Tracking System (2020)

Report Card Survey (2020) Clave de matriculación: caep

Cuestionario de horarios de clase (Nuevo)

University of Puerto Rico at Cayey EPP Selfstudy for CAEP with a sampling of exhibits 

SPA Status


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