Mission, Goals and Objectives

The BA in English is concerned with the study of language, literature, and culture. Its domain is multicultural and includes all the varieties of English and the cultural texts they may produce, ranging from the canonical literary such as Shakespeare to contemporary artistic expressions like music videos, plus the study of language from theoretical, sociological, and applied perspectives. The program is committed to diversity and to keeping a strong curriculum that encourages current approaches, including interdisciplinary methods. It aspires to graduate well-rounded, independent thinkers with a sense of social responsibility. It prepares graduates with strong communication, technological, and research skills and an ability to work critically with a wide range of texts—women and men who are prepared to enter graduate programs in their field and/or are employable in a variety of professions, including the teaching of English.

Students who pursue a BA in English have the flexibility to design a program of study that is based on their various career goals and is also engaged with their everyday lives as members of contemporary Puerto Rican society and the world community. The program looks forward to offer students a variety of emphases that reflect their diverse interests as well as current developments in the field of English studies, such as applied and theoretical linguistics and literature, women and gender studies, and/or studies of the Caribbean and its diaspora.

Goals of the Department:

To support the Mission and Goals of the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey, the Department of English has established the following as its main goals:

  1. To offer excellent undergraduate education in the study of English language, literature, and culture;
  2. To maintain a sound, efficient, and supportive administration of the Department;
  3. To make the Department of English at Cayey a source of academic and cultural activity; and to promote student sense of social responsibility.
  4.         To promote student sense of social responsibility.
  5. To fulfill these goals within the major, the Department will offer a bachelor’s program through which students will:
    a.become conversant in diverse and current areas of English studies.
    b. develop essential speaking, writing, critical, and analytical abilities for success in their field, their future professions, and their lives.
    c. use the language and their learning both within and beyond the university classroom.
    d. enhance their sense of social responsibility.